On Compute Canada clusters, you can find the default dataset in the following directories:

  • Cedar: /project/6003910/VisThis2019
  • Graham: /project/6003910/VisThis2019
  • Béluga: /project/6003910/VisThis2019
  • Niagara: /scinet/course/VisThis2019

The dataset should be visible to all users and is stored in the OpenFOAM decomposed format: there are 512 processor directories, each has 86 timestep subdirectories, with 3-5 gzipped variables inside. ParaView can understand this format directly without unzipping. Please load the file case.foam from the top-level directory using parallel I/O from your favourite library or application.

Please don’t download the dataset to your laptop or desktop, as it is over 900GB. Not only will it take at least several days to download it over a typical (30Mbps) broadband connection, the dataset is too large to load into memory on a standalone workstation.